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Ranjit Sagar

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  • RanjitSagar Dam is the water source for the city. It has a municipal garden, a pleasant spot for picnics and birdwatching during the migratory season.
  • Happily, the work is over and following heavy rains the reservoir overflowed with water, assuring a steady supply to the city even in lean summer months


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  • There is a vast difference between a Lake and a Dam, Lake is natures gift and Dam is mankind's effort, this proves the workmanship of men those days, this spot is a popular location to picnic, this dam was constructed by His Highness jam Ranjit sinhji.
  • But was completed in the year 1938 when His Highness Jam Digvijay sinhji, the last ruler of this princely state of Jamnagar and this dam was initially named as Ganga Sagar and a tribute to His Highness Sir Ganga sinhji ( King of Bikaner), he was the one who laid the foundation stone in order to serve many.

Ranjit sagar Dam is the water source for the city. It has a municipal garden

Jam RanjitSingh Park

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  • Ranjit sagar dam is a famous picnic spot. Good place with superb surrounding. Minsoontine is best for more enjoyment. It was full of water.
  • It was full of water. This was done by dredging and increasing depth of the reservoir when it was empty due to scanty rainfall.

Ranjit Sagar Dam

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  • Apart from human interest, the Ranjit sagar Dam is also home to local birds and migratory birds that flock here since it provides a sanctuary of sorts and a feeding place.
  • If you happen to visit Jamnagar, make it a point to spend an evening at the Ranjit sagar Dam. You can simply relax or, if birds interest you, spend a couple of hours watching them on water and in full flight.